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18. 05. 2017

Binge GameCast: GotG TellTale Episode 1 Review, Quake Champions, & News

All three of  your favorite CSers were supposed to be back for another fun filled episode of the Binge GameCast. Instead Jack got himself booted from the internet for Googling Brady Gronkowski an...

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04. 05. 2017

Binge GameCast: Divinity Original Sin, Batman Arkham Knight, Telltale GoTG and More

A Batchless-Binge GameCast means reviews of This War of Mine The Little Ones, Skate 3, Batman Arkham Knight, Outlast, Divinity Original Sin, Badlands, Bejeweled 2, Pac Man Championship Edition 2, The Cave, Guardians...

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22. 04. 2017

Binge GameCast: Andromeda Final Review, Fuck Comcast, Other Random Shizzle

So the boys all got together, recorded a decent show, and then Kupka had to go be an adult and forget all about putting it up. So here it is, a couple days...

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06. 04. 2017

Binge GameCast: Mass Effect Andromeda, Drawn to Death, & Rants, Rants, Rants!, and Twin Peaks(?)

The boys are all here and they kick things off by ranting about Playstation being dicks, bad game sales, and a couple other things. Then they get into a couple of games before...

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09. 03. 2017

Binge GameCast: Escape Rooms, Humble Bundles, PS Now

Kupka and Batch hold down the fort while Mr. Valley does his best student impression on way to graduation. (Early congrats sir!) The dynamic duo talk Escape Rooms, Humble Bundles, and PS Now....

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23. 02. 2017

Binge GameCast: For Honor, Fallout Shelter, Nioh and Resident Evil 7

Smash Valley makes his triumphant return to the Binge GameCast as the boys talk the latest deets on the wide world of gaming.  Come hear about the brutally difficult Nioh, Batch’s obsession with...

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09. 02. 2017

Binge GameCast: Resident Evil VII, Conan Exiles, Dragon Age Inquisition, Early Access Games

Batch and Kupka hold down the fort while Valley is off smashing it in what we can only assume is going to be a 6 month session. We should all buy stock in...

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26. 01. 2017

Binge GameCast: The Wizard Commentary

It’s finally here. We told you it was coming and this time we weren’t bullshitting. Enjoy! [display_podcast] CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN NOW! Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes! Don’t forget to follow us...

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12. 01. 2017

Binge GameCast: Doom, COD Infinite Warefare, 2K17 Preview

Kupka and Batch are here to bring you the first episode of the New Year while Mr. Valley is smashing it to the Patriot’s bye week. I’m starting to think he’s just looking...

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