13. 08. 2017

BingeCast: Wind River, Room 104, Game of Thrones, Some Freaks, and more

0:00:00-It’s time, cocksucker 0:01:55-Law and Alyx and Jack. There it is. Did Jack ever have a mullet? What music was he into at that time, if so? Ammon’s off backpacking, or something. Fuck...

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06. 08. 2017

BingeCast: Game of Thrones, Wet Hot American Summer, The Mummy, Chuck, and more

0:00:00 – Ammon Sounder by a certain someone who likes to have Good Times. 0:02:32-Law and Alyx are here, waiting for Ammon. That’s not a new thing. Binge Jeopardy is not happening on...

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30. 08. 2015

BingeCast: Straight Outta Compton, Southpaw, San Andreas, Blunt Talk, Narcos, and more

Check out our new timestamp of the show below! Lots to talk about tonight so strap in and put your feet up. Moreno is back from New Jersey and he brings gifts in...

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02. 08. 2015

BingeCast: MI5, Wet Hot American Summer, Trainwreck, Beyond the Brick, The Wolfpack

Movie Freak and Garrett step in for Ammon and Moreno and don’t miss a beat as we cover everything from Lego to Val Kilmer’s filmography in this week’s BingeCast. Things start with TV...

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20. 11. 2013


I’m a child of the 90’s so I missed out on the summer camp experience, of course the camps were still around, but they were all the rage back in the late 70’s...

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