01. 10. 2017

BingeCast: Blade Runner 2049, Gerald’s Game, Wind River, Cult of Chucky, and more

It’s been a while since one of these shows just seems to get away from us and complete chaos ensues, but that’s exactly what happens when you get Law, Kupka, Garrett, and Ammon...

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24. 09. 2017

BingeCast: Ghost Story, Leatherface, Killing Gunther, Channel Zero, mother!

Falvey, Law, and Ammon cover everything in this week’s show. From douchebag online movie journalists to what movies are good for a kindergarten screening. It’s weird, you’re weird, we got it. [display_podcast] CLICK...

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21. 04. 2016

Binge GameCast – Dark Souls III, Marvel Heroes & Quantum Break

The band is back together on an all new Binge GameCast.  Freak joins in with Batch and Supka to dish on some of the latest shit they’ve been playing.  We recorded live while...

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26. 05. 2015

Jack Attack Tuesday -Stalag 17, The Witcher 3 and Lost Soul

Jack Attack Tuesday Stalag 17, The Witcher 3 and Lost Soul First of all, I hope everyone had an opportunity to enjoy themselves over Memorial Day weekend.  It’s a nice break but it’s...

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29. 04. 2015

Binge GameCast: Witcher, God of War, Assassin’s Creed, Kojima Leaving Konami

When Kupka decides television and the outdoors are more important than the warm glow of his monitor Batch and MovieFreak are there to pick up the slack. This week we get into some...

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15. 04. 2015

Binge GameCast: Mortal Kombat X, Guitar Hero, Favorite MK Characters

Kupka, Batch & Moviefreak are back with another installment of the Binge GameCast. In addition to the usual game assignments, what’s new, and what have you, Batch gives a detailed review of his...

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01. 04. 2015

Binge GameCast: XBox and Playstation Store Deals, First GameCast Commentary

This week Kupka and Batch are joined by Moviefreak as they talk about the games they’ve been playing, some new hot deals in the Xbox and Playstation stores, and they even pick the...

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18. 03. 2015

Binge GameCast: Favorite/Least Favorite Games, Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite DLC

Sorry we’re late people but sometimes shit happens. Not our best offering but much like sex, some offering is better than no offering at all. Am I right? This time around the campfire...

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04. 03. 2015

Binge GameCast: Favorite Video Game Villains, Listener Feedback, Wrestling Talk

Here we are with another episode of the Binge Game Cast for your earholes. In addition to the usual we discuss our favorite/memorable Video Game Villians, discuss some listener feedback, and even dip...

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