17. 08. 2017

Binge SportsCast Ep 01: Ezekiel Elliot, Usain Bolt, an NFL Team for a Kiwi

Now that the “Preseason” show has aired, PJ and TM are back for their Regularly Scheduled Show.  Jay Cutler memes are discussed off the top (who doesn’t love Smokin’ Jay), then they dive...

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07. 08. 2017

Binge SportsCast: The Relaunch

Welcome to the new Binge SportsCast!  After our previous host, Luke, departed after giving us valiant service for 23 years, we finally found a couple CSers to fill the hosting void.  Enter PJ...

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14. 06. 2017

LIVE BingeCast: Lawlapalooza 2017!

Wow. What an unbelievable Lawlapalooza 2017.  There are almost too many memories to share over the course of the last week.  Thankfully, the live BingeCast we recorded went great and that’s mostly thanks...

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27. 12. 2016

Highlights of 2016 – Jack Valley

2016 has been full of ups and downs.  For a lot of people, the downs have seemed to be at their lowest, with celebrity deaths (wtf Leia too?!?!), corrupt elections and Justin Bieber...

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09. 11. 2016

BingeCast: Westworld Discussion (Ep6)

If you haven’t watched the first six episodes of Westworld, this episode isn’t for you.  Unless you don’t give a shit about spoilers, than this episode is totally for you!  We can’t find the time...

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17. 06. 2016

BingeCast: TV Round Up – Game of Thrones Commentary S6 Ep8

  It’s hard to hold back our excitement for this coming Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones and  concentrate on the episode on hand but we do our best. There is a lot...

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06. 05. 2016

BingeCast: TV Round Up – Game of Thrones Commentary S6 Ep2

There is a ton to digest in this week’s episode of Game of Thrones and Law, recognizing that there’s no way all this commentary can be contained in one country, calls upon the...

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28. 04. 2016

BingeCast: TV Round Up – Game of Thrones Commentary S6 Ep1

The great TM switches sides of the fence and not only decides to watch this season of GoT, but he also joins Law for the season premiere commentary. The boys discuss flaccid wangs,...

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04. 12. 2015

The BingeCast Commentary – Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back

What happens when you get four drunk Bingers (Bingers?), three of them are Supka’d, one of them is ACTUALLY Supka and throw on Empire Strikes Back?  Another BingeCast commentary of course! In this installment, the...

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