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18. 05. 2017


This column will introduce you to the most popular movies that are coming out in theaters this weekend. What movie will you see? Alien: Covenant This is an Alien movie.  Space, crew, spaceships,...

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18. 05. 2017

Binge Movie Aftertaste – Alien Retrospective w/ Jack Valley and Johnny Moreno Pt 4: Prometheus

Five years after Fox cashed in on the appeal of Aliens clashing with Predators, director Ridley Scott made it clear that he was ready to return to the science fiction world which put...

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28. 04. 2017

Binge Movie Aftertaste – Alien Retrospective w/ Jack Valley and Johnny Moreno Pt 1: Alien and Aliens

There are film series. And then there is the Alien series. There may never be a more different set of films than the Alien films. A series where the first four entries only similarity is...

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23. 02. 2016

Garrett’s Grumblings – Will Deadpool’s Success Make It A ‘Trend?’

No matter how you feel about Deadpool -and if you heard this week’s Binge Cast you know exactly how I feel- there is no arguing that the success of Ryan Reynolds’ starring comic...

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10. 11. 2015

10 Movies That Should Be Remade

Some things are just a part of life.  Air is what we breathe, barbers will always have return business and Hollywood is going to keep producing remakes.  While a small percentage of remakes...

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20. 10. 2015

The Binge Movie Mix – The Martian

The Binge Movie Mix – The Martian Ever see a movie and think “This movie was just like that other one because of X, Y and Z”?  I feel that way too, and...

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02. 10. 2015

Binge Movie Aftertaste w/ Adam Simon; Reviews of The Martian, Green Inferno, Everest, and more!

                  [display_podcast] CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN NOW! Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes!              

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07. 01. 2015

Garrett’s Grumblings – Chastising 2001’s Hannibal

By: Garrett Collins   Last week, I mentioned that I had two some would say unusual film viewing holiday traditions. One is watching all of the Superman films. While I proceeded to defend...

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13. 10. 2013

31 Days of Halloween Films #13: Alien

The Lowdown: An intergalactic freighter gets terrorized by an alien presence, seemingly incubating itself in human bodies and bleeding acid, making it a very hard to kill adversary.  Shit goes down. The Breakdown:...

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