17. 08. 2017

Binge SportsCast Ep 01: Ezekiel Elliot, Usain Bolt, an NFL Team for a Kiwi

Now that the “Preseason” show has aired, PJ and TM are back for their Regularly Scheduled Show.  Jay Cutler memes are discussed off the top (who doesn’t love Smokin’ Jay), then they dive...

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07. 08. 2017

Binge SportsCast: The Relaunch

Welcome to the new Binge SportsCast!  After our previous host, Luke, departed after giving us valiant service for 23 years, we finally found a couple CSers to fill the hosting void.  Enter PJ...

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27. 02. 2017

BingeCast: John Wick 2, Manchester By The Sea, Fist Fight, Legion

0:00:00-BingeCast. Bring it. 0:01:52-Moreno. Smash. What more do you need? PJ? Sure. He’s here too, goddamnt. The intern still has to work up to his big boy pants. BMFML updates are a thing....

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03. 02. 2017

Binge Sportscast: Super Bowl LI Edition

Jack Valley borrows the Binge SportsCast moniker to join PJ the Intern in their thoughts on the upcoming Super Bowl LI.  The guys dish on the Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots and all...

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26. 05. 2016

BingeCast: TV Round Up – Game of Thrones Commentary S6 Ep5

Jay, Jack, and Jim are back to analyze the latest offering from Game of Thrones. There’s tears, farts, and plenty more dick jokes in this episode so we try to class the joint...

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20. 05. 2016

BingeCast: TV Round Up – Game of Thrones Commentary S6 Ep4

The ball keeps rolling over at the BingeMedia offices as we play our own co-host Game of Thrones. This week it’s PJ the Intern that has to put up with Jack Valvey (yup,...

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29. 04. 2016

Making a Sass Quatch IV – Intern-al Affairs

With resources dwindling and the investigation getting stagnant, PJ the Intern joins Jack Valley for Episode IV (natch) of Making a Sass Quatch.  Come listen to a discussion of ongoing mysteries surrounding Sass...

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