30. 11. 2017

BingeViews: Coco, Three Billboards, Roman J. Israel, Lady Bird

Chad C sits down with Moreno to do a little new release catch up since there are no new wide theatrical releases this week.  Chad peeps COCO, THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI, ROMAN...

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10. 11. 2015

10 Movies That Should Be Remade

Some things are just a part of life.  Air is what we breathe, barbers will always have return business and Hollywood is going to keep producing remakes.  While a small percentage of remakes...

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30. 06. 2015

Jack Attack Tuesday – 6/30/15 – Ted 2, Inside Out, True Detective & Arkham Knight

Jack Attack Tuesday Ted 2, Inside Out, True Detective & Arkham Knight Sometimes the movie gods give you something tailor-made for you.  Sure, critics might say it’s garbage and maybe even a few...

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21. 06. 2015

BingeCast: Inside Out, The Girl On the Train, Best Directors of All Time, and much more

Ready for our longest show ever? We weren’t. These hangovers I wake up with every Sunday morning are going to be the death of me. I used to think it would be cutting...

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05. 12. 2014

Friday Night Law: Terminator Genisys, Toy Story Conspiracy

TERMINATOR GENISYS Try to move past the mind boggling annoyance of that title and let’s watch this together and then we’ll regroup afterward and discuss why I hate it. The similarities between the...

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07. 11. 2014

Friday Night Law: Life After Horror

This is the last time I’m ever going to talk about my 101 Damnations challenge. I ranked and rated the entire list (right here) and did my best this past week to get...

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01. 08. 2014

Friday Night Law: Evil Dead on TV, The Lego Store, Comic Con

I’m back from vacation, I’m rested, and I have a lot to write about (notice the lack of using the word “aboot” here as Moreno was so inclined when he hijacked my column...

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25. 07. 2014

Friday Night Law: What Makes Law Tick

People ask me a lot, “Law what makes you tick?  What are some of your favourite things?  Why are you drunk?”  It’s been a while since I wrote aboot a few of my...

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22. 07. 2014

Jack Attack Tuesday – 7/22/14 – Jodorowsky’s Dune, Filming Syrian Weddings, Path of Exile and Sobbing Like a Bitch

Jack Attack Tuesday – 7/22/14 Jodorowsky’s Dune, Filming Syrian Weddings, Path of Exile and Sobbing Like a Bitch ***MODERATE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2 SPOILERS NEAR THE END*** Another week, another piece of summer gone....

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