08. 02. 2018

Binge Sportscast: Super Bowl Wrap Up with Jack Valley

Remember to call us with your questions/comments/suggestions for the show #708-316-8822… 0:00 – PJ has the Swine Flu and is on the Bench like Malcom Butler, so TM brings back Jack Valley to...

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26. 11. 2014

Binge Sports: Bye-Bye Bye Weeks, Part 2: Breaking Down the NFC (AND ANOTHER FAN VOTE!)

Welcome to the NFC portion of the Binge Sports breakdown of the final five weeks of the NFL regular season. If you missed yesterday’s AFC breakdown, click HERE to check it out and...

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28. 08. 2014

Binge Media Sports: 2014 NFL Preview: AFC East/NFC East

And here we go. Welcome to the first of a series of previews as Binge Media Sports coverage of the 2014 NFL season begins. Each preview will give you a look at eight...

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07. 05. 2014

Binge Media Sports: The Best Disney Sports Movies

You’d think with me putting up a poster that size that I would be somehow compensated for plugging Million Dollar Arm, the latest sports movie from Disney. Unfortunately for me, and my bank...

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