09. 04. 2017

BingeCast: Aftermath, Discovery, Brockmire, Drunk Segs, and more

Want a bunch of new sounders, drops, and drunk segments? I’m pretty sure we do all of this at some point. We also review a bunch of movies, TV, and hand in our...

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26. 12. 2016

Highlights of 2016 – Moreno

2016 will forever be known as the year that the Grim Reaper showed up and placed his hairy nutsack on top of everyone. The Grim Reaper doesn’t know about manscaping, he’s au naturale....

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04. 11. 2016

Small Screen Heroes: Luke Cage

Sweet Christmas!! It’s time to finally talk all things Luke Cage on this week’s episode of Small Screen Heroes. I’m joined this week by the one and only Johnny Moreno and we bring...

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15. 03. 2016

GFY, Cartel Land

In the past, I’ve watched Narcos, Blow, Traffic, Breaking Bad, Sins of my father and other cartel dramas. So, when I see Cartel Land in my Netflix cue and read the summary I’m...

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01. 02. 2016

BingeCast: The Big Short, Cartel Land, Google Voice is Hammered

0:00:00- Start dat shit 0:01:50-Moreno.Valley. Collins. Ammon show this is not, motherfucker. Of course there is Patriots talk to get under Jackie boy’s skin. Of course. 0:09:00-GOOGLE VOICE. Wait on bated breath to...

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25. 01. 2016

Monday Morning Moreno – Highlights from 2015

2015 was a pretty exciting year for pretty much everything. A lot happened personally, professionally and psychically, as I am now a certified medium and gypsy palm reader. A married, medium, gypsy palm...

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24. 01. 2016

BingeCast: The Veil, Voicemail, TV Round Up, Movie Homework, and more

0:00:00- Not using a sounder to open the show. Instead, let’s talk about Supka. It’s more important. 0:03:41- Intro, yo. 0:05:07-Ammon is sort of on time. He hands in his man card cause...

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10. 06. 2015

COMIC BINGE: Hawkeye vs. Deadpool & The Punisher Casting

In the craziness that has been the last few days, I have been unable to get to some reading that I want to do. I have a large stack of books ready to...

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22. 04. 2015

(Working On A Title) Wednesday -Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Marvel, Marvel, Marvel

As you can see by today’s “title”, I’ve got only 2 things on my mind. Hockey and Marvel. Now I’ll tell you why. We Have A Champion! If you haven’t heard by now,...

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