09. 04. 2017

BingeCast: Aftermath, Discovery, Brockmire, Drunk Segs, and more

Want a bunch of new sounders, drops, and drunk segments? I’m pretty sure we do all of this at some point. We also review a bunch of movies, TV, and hand in our...

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27. 12. 2016

Highlights of 2016 – Jack Valley

2016 has been full of ups and downs.  For a lot of people, the downs have seemed to be at their lowest, with celebrity deaths (wtf Leia too?!?!), corrupt elections and Justin Bieber...

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14. 04. 2016

Horace & Pete: A Stagnant, Ugly Snapshot of America

WARNING – THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR HORACE & PETE THROUGH THE FINALE I’m writing this a day after the stunning finale of Horace and Pete, struggling to summarize my feelings on the...

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11. 04. 2016

Monday Morning Moreno – 500th Show! Horace and Pete

Jack Valley and Law join me this week in celebrating the 500th show of BingeMedia.net.  It blows our collective mind holes to think that in just about 3 years we’ve done 500 shows....

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07. 02. 2016

BingeCast: Best Films Since 2000, Horace and Pete, X-Files, and much more

Where the hell is Eva Mendes? This is the most important question of the year. Also, what is the best film since the year 2000? The boys try to answer all this nonsense...

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16. 06. 2015

Jack Attack Tuesday – Louie, Witcher and Ex Machina

Jack Attack Tuesday Louie, Witcher and Ex Machina If you’re a Louis CK fan, you’re currently living in his “golden age”.  The man is, in my opinion, consistently delivering quality comedy without compromising...

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