11. 05. 2017


This column will introduce you to the most popular movies that are coming out in theaters this weekend. If you’re not seeing Guardians 2 again…. What movie will you see? King Arthur: Legend...

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19. 07. 2015

Binge SportsCast: WWE Battleground PPV, TNA/GFW, NXT & More

FINALLY…the tag team podcasting champions of the world have come back to the Binge SportsCast. It’s been five weeks in between pay-per-views, but Luke and Batch return with a vengeance to bring you...

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30. 05. 2015

Binge SportsCast: WWE Elimination Chamber, Wednesday Night Wars

It’s a PPV Sunday, so you know what that means. Batch and I are back for another wrestling edition of the Binge SportsCast. We were a little short on time this week, but...

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17. 05. 2015

Binge SportsCast:Lucha Underground, WWE Payback, William Corrigan Joins TNA & More

Yep, that smokin’ hot lady on the main page is a wrestler, and so is the blonde you see above, so you’re welcome for that. And they’re damn good wrestlers too. Oh yeah,...

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26. 04. 2015

Binge SportsCast: WWE Extreme Rules, Wrestlemania, ROH, Mayweather/Pacquiao

Welcome to the start of another busy week here at Binge Media. We start things out this week with another episode of the newest addition to the podcast family, the Binge Sportscast. Thanks...

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30. 03. 2015

Binge Sports: Wrestlemania Recap

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you’re probably sick of me and my wrestling by now, but with the good response I’ve gotten from the preview article on Saturday and the podcast on Sunday,...

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29. 03. 2015

Binge SportsCast: BingeMania

In yet another first for Binge Media, Luke and Batch dive into the world of professional wrestling for the premiere of BingeMania. What better way for you wrestling nerds to get ready for...

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