30. 07. 2017

BingeCast: Detroit, Ozark, Shot Caller, The GC Game, and more

Law & Ancira return from their respective lakes just in time to awake the mighty Poonslayer and his trail of wet spots. Google Voice is ridiculous as usual. We hear about a horrible...

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08. 11. 2015

BingeCast: I Smile Back, The Leisure Class, Spectre, Master of None, Fargo

Ammon keeps showing up later and later. I’m pretty sure he will eventually just stop calling and we won’t even notice. So sad.   0:00:00-Shit gets started 0:01:55-Ammon is….? The fuck if we...

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03. 11. 2015

The Redemption of the Bond Franchise

Regardless of whether you side with the Morenos or the BearcLaws of the world there’s no denying that we are living in the age of the franchise film.  Since X-Men burst on to...

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30. 10. 2015

Movie Review – Spectre (2015)

Starring: Daniel Craig, Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Andrew Scott, Andrew Scott, and Ben Whishaw. I will go ahead and get this out of the way right now....

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02. 09. 2015

Garrett’s Grumblings – 10 Unofficial Sequels

Eons ago on the Binge Cast, Jim Law challenged me to write up a list of unofficial sequels to established films. It only took me almost two months, but here he finally gets...

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19. 05. 2015

Jack Attack Tuesday – What Makes The Perfect Franchise?

Jack Attack Tuesday What Makes The Perfect Franchise? After walking out of Mad Max: Fury Road this weekend, I was immediately faced with the question of whether or not this truly was the...

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05. 02. 2015

Bobs Thirsty Thursdays: The Force Awakens = Biggest Movie in History?

This year is a crazy year for movies. Some could call it Franchise-Palooza… and they’d be right. This year we will see a new FAST & FURIOUS, JURASSIC PARK, JAMES BOND, MAD MAX,...

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23. 07. 2014

(Working on a Title) Wednesday -Vic Armstrong, Dominion

Welcome back Wednesday, so good to see you. This is gonna be a short one folks, Christmas, while relaxing, was incredibly draining and now it’s time for the vacation from the vacation, a.k.a....

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