03. 08. 2017


This column will introduce you to the most popular movies that are coming out in theaters this weekend. What movie will you see? The Dark Tower Based on the Stephen King books, this...

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11. 03. 2016

Binge Movie Aftertaste – Batman Retrospective w/ Jack Falvey IV

Here we are again, Bingers. Time to tackle a franchise for your listening pleasure. Though this time, we will be tackling two at a time. Sort of. Let me explain where I’m coming...

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15. 02. 2015

Working the Weekend with Luke-Oscar Talk: Awesome Acceptance Speeches

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend everyone. I hope all of you are enjoying a nice weekend and were lucky enough not to waste your hard earned money on Fifty Shades of Grey. I know...

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02. 09. 2014

Hottie Fantasy League: Week 22

And then there was one….. dude with absolutely no points that will hopefully pass Ammon in the near future. Meanwhile, Pete MC continues to ride the domination of Zoe Saldana in Guardians. He’s...

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26. 08. 2014

Hottie Fantasy League: Week 21

Tons of points were scored this week but it wasn’t because of the Emmys or SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR’s box office. Most people scored huge in the nudity category. Lizzy...

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18. 08. 2014

Hottie Fantasy League: Week 20

Said Helal has extended his lead nicely in the 20th week of The Hottie Fantasy league but more importantly, we now only have 2 scoreless player left. That’s right, Meryl Streep finally managed...

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12. 08. 2014

Hottie Fantasy League: Week 19

Said Helal’s dynamic duo of Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox have thrust him into the top spot. For a while I imagine. Moreno will give it a run in a couple weeks with...

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04. 08. 2014

Hottie Fantasy League: Week 18

We got ourselves a game, folks. Anthony D. and Said are fighting it out for the top spot with furious numbers being thrown around by their various hotties. Or something like that. TMNT...

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28. 07. 2014

Hottie Fantasy League: Week 17

Scarlett Johansson is back on top of the box office and here comes Said Helal again. It’s only a matter of time until he finds the number one spot with Megan Fox and...

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