13. 04. 2017

BingeCast: TV Round Up – Rick and Morty S3 Ep01

Rick and Morty has become a bit of a staple around these parts, so what better way to celebrate the secret April Fool’s Day drop of Season 3 Episode 1 than with a...

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29. 10. 2015

COMIC BINGE: Indianapolis, Murat Theatre, & Bill Burr

On a shadowy, fall day in October, a group of friends and I gathered together to take an epic journey out to Indianapolis for a comedy show. Planned months in advance for one...

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24. 12. 2014

COMIC BINGE: Axe Cop, Vol. 1

In my pursuit of changing things up around here at Comic Binge, I’ve been trying to get my hands on stuff that is not DC or Marvel in attempt to do some graphic...

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23. 12. 2014

Jack Attack Tuesday – 12/23/14 – I Am Santa Claus, Black Mirror White Christmas and Too Many Cooks

Jack Attack Tuesday I Am Santa Claus, Black Mirror White Christmas and Too Many Cooks As I write this, I’m on my absolute last leg here people.  Last week, I logged 73 hours...

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16. 11. 2014

Garrett’s Grumblings-Why The Chicago Cubs Need To Be Good, Dumb Excitement

Before I get into the subject of this column, let me make a few things that are going to be brought up throughout perfectly clear. First of all, I am not from Chicago,...

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03. 10. 2013

31 Days of Halloween Films #3: The Cabin in the Woods

The Lowdown: There’s this cabin, in the woods, and a bunch of teenagers go to it.  Also a unicorn may or may not impale a guy. The Breakdown (Gigantic, Mamma Jamma Spoilers!  Seriously.): Well,...

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28. 08. 2013

Review: Rapture Palooza

Review: Rapture-Palooza By Steve Wood  So what happens when the rapture actually comes? All of the church-goers and goody two shoes are lifted off to heaven, while the degenerates, blasphemers and the like...

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