20. 04. 2017


This column will introduce you to the most popular movies that are coming out in theaters this weekend. What movie will you see?   Disneynature: Born in China Who doesn’t love Disneynature docs? ...

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11. 03. 2016

Binge Movie Aftertaste – Batman Retrospective w/ Jack Falvey IV

Here we are again, Bingers. Time to tackle a franchise for your listening pleasure. Though this time, we will be tackling two at a time. Sort of. Let me explain where I’m coming...

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22. 12. 2014

Binge Movie Aftertaste w/ Guinevere Turner

While thinking about the holiday season, who DOESN’T picture Christian Bale wielding an ax to the music of Huey Lewis & The News? Well, once again proving how alcohol inhibits their outlook on life,...

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25. 11. 2014

Jack Attack Tuesday – 11/25/14 – The Prestige’s Ending Is Bullshit

Jack Attack Tuesday The Prestige’s Ending Is Bullshit Chris Nolan is my boy.  Through and through, I really believe he has one of the best film resumes out there right now, standing alongside...

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28. 09. 2014

Working the Weekend with Luke-Neighbors, New Twitter Feed, Trilogy Countdown #4

Welcome to the September 28th edition of Working the Weekend with Luke. Hopefully, your part of the world is as beautiful as mine has been this weekend. Leaves are turned and falling to...

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