19. 10. 2017

BingeViews: Geostorm, Only the Brave, The Snowman

Chad C has your See It, Stream It, Skip It recommendations for the week. Is Law’s kid going to be even more obsessed with tsunamis? Did Chad cry during because Josh Brolin looks...

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12. 10. 2017

BingeViews: Happy Death Day, The Foreigner, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Chad C. is in the house to kick off the Halloween season (sort of) with our first look at HAPPY DEATH DAY. There’s also reviews of THE FOREIGNER and PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE...

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01. 10. 2017

BingeCast: Blade Runner 2049, Gerald’s Game, Wind River, Cult of Chucky, and more

It’s been a while since one of these shows just seems to get away from us and complete chaos ensues, but that’s exactly what happens when you get Law, Kupka, Garrett, and Ammon...

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28. 09. 2017

BingeViews: American Made, Flatliners

Chad C is back with more weekly reviews. This time it’s the remake/sequel/reboot/horseshit of FLATLINERS and Tom Cruise’s smug Scientology ass-crack of a face in AMERICAN MADE. I need sleep. Goodnight. [display_podcast] CLICK...

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21. 09. 2017

BingeViews: Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Lego Ninjago, Friend Request

Chad C. settles in for a weekend of mediocrity when he reviews Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The LEGO Ninjago Movie, and Friend Request, which is apparently about some Facebook witch or some such...

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14. 09. 2017

BingeViews: Mother!, American Assassin

Law grills Chad C about how weird MOTHER! looks and how mediocre American Assassin probably is. Tune in every Thursday for Binge Media reviews of the weekends biggest movies. [display_podcast] CLICK ABOVE TO...

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07. 09. 2017

BingeViews: IT, Home Again

Chad C and Law sit down to discuss the new-look IT and some old school Reese Witherspoon in Home Again. One’s gross. One’s grosser. You’re gross. Check back with us every Thursday for...

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17. 08. 2017

BingeViews: Hitman’s Bodyguard, Logan Lucky, Ingrid Goes West, Good Time

Welcome to the premiere of BingeViews, BingeMedia.net’s exclusive review show to get you ready for the weekend viewing. Join Law as he interviews the great Chad C. about the films you need to...

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02. 04. 2017

BingeCast: CinemaCon, S-Town, Iron Fist, Chappelle, Bye Bye Man, and more

BingeCast is back with a brand new beat. So gross. This will forever be know as the show where three of the four hosts fall asleep at some point during the show. The...

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