12. 07. 2017

BingeCast: Spidey, Atomic Blonde, Snowfall, Security, and more

It took a while but we made it happen. This week’s BingeCast fought for it’s right to live in your podcast feed so treat it with respect, love and nurture it, and make...

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03. 07. 2017

Guns N Logans!

Logan James is our timestamp kid and he recently put out a record called “Guns N Logans!”.  Good one, kid. Listen to the infomercial here produced by Alyx Moreno and PeteMC! [display_podcast] CLICK...

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02. 07. 2017

BingeCast: DM3, Preacher, Baby Driver, Okja, and more

I’d like to introduce everybody to Kitchen Ammon. He loves talking super low and losing his weed box. He hates beer fridges and pee patches. He’s hard to get used to. As for...

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19. 06. 2017

ListenerPalooza WrapUp 2017!

You’re more than welcome to yell “WE GOT IT” about Lawlapalooza 2017.  But only after listening to this.  This will put it to bed. I grabbed PeteMC to help me co-host (and eventually...

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18. 06. 2017

BingeCast: Baby Driver, Transformers TLK, 47 Meters Down, It Comes at Night, David Gregory, and more

Lawlapalooza is over. We get it. So let’s review a crapload of new movies and television to fill the void. Let’s listen to new sounders and new drops. Let’s introduce Alyx, yell at...

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14. 06. 2017

LIVE BingeCast: Lawlapalooza 2017!

Wow. What an unbelievable Lawlapalooza 2017.  There are almost too many memories to share over the course of the last week.  Thankfully, the live BingeCast we recorded went great and that’s mostly thanks...

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09. 04. 2017

BingeCast: Aftermath, Discovery, Brockmire, Drunk Segs, and more

Want a bunch of new sounders, drops, and drunk segments? I’m pretty sure we do all of this at some point. We also review a bunch of movies, TV, and hand in our...

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