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bc181us2As of this writing, it’s been just over two years since Jim Law and myself hetero-ly birthed our baby,  Our number one goal has always been to deliver quality podcasts and content to your ear and eye holes, and judging by the feedback and numbers, we’ve done that.

This little labor of love, however, is a money loser.  While we never started the site to make money, and we have an incredible staff who provides content for FREE, there is some operational overhead.

We don’t run annoying ads that take forever and a day for you to collapse, close out or move you to another site.  And we don’t plan to.  Saying that, we do have a few ways for you to contribute to the site that you know and love and drink with.  And also, we’d like to eventually pay the staff because the alternative is much, much darker.  Ewww.

We’re all set up on Patreon now, so check out the page and reward levels!

You can hit up our store for cool Binge related material.

And we also accept donations via PayPal at the amount of your choice by clicking the donate button below.  Any little bit helps and is definitely appreciated.

Thanks and Binge On!

Law and Moreno

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