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04. 07. 2013

BingeCast: The Independence Day Commentary

“ERMAHGERD” – Some dumb, asshole alien The biggest thing people forget about Independence Day is that the whole alien invasion could’ve been thwarted had President Whitmore, aka Bill Pullman, aka Eric Walkuski, sucked...

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02. 07. 2013

Why The F*ck Haven’t You Seen … GINGER SNAPS?!

Let me be perfectly honest right from the start.  I fucking hate TWILIGHT.  Now that’s not exactly an opinion that is going to risk my standing amongst my peers, but it’s important to...

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01. 07. 2013

Binge Cast: Marry/F*ck/Kill – 90s Edition, Reviews of Odd Thomas, The Purge, 42, The Call, Red Dawn

[display_podcast] It’s time to get our Marry/Fuck/Kill on again. This time we focus on the 90s and  have little problem making our choices. In fact, Moreno (the Mexican) chooses one woman for all...

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28. 06. 2013

Review: Despicable Me 2

My DESPICABLE ME cherry was popped just under a month ago, and while I was late to the party, I thought it was pretty funny… and haven’t minded the fact that since then,...

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28. 06. 2013

The Weekly Douche: Charlie Sandin (The Purge)

  Charlie Sandin (The Purge) SPOILERS!!!!!!!!! I’m not saying that everything bad that happens in THE PURGE is Charlie’s (Max Burkholder) fault…….. Hold on, that’s exactly what I’m saying. When there’s an annual...

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26. 06. 2013

TV Review: Mad Men (Season 6)

Don Draper (Jon Hamm) is a giant dick, and the people around him are finally starting to notice. Many of the attributes Draper displays on a weekly basis during any random season of...

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24. 06. 2013

Binge Cast: Serial Killers, Man of Steel, Monsters U, Pain & Gain!

[display_podcast] Law and Moreno are ready to pick their Serial Killer teams and they seem to be taking this one seriously. Some quality killers here to take care of their business.   We...

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21. 06. 2013

The Weekly Douche: David Kleinfeld (Carlito’s Way)

David Kleinfeld (Carlito’s Way) How much does the way this cock looks contribute to his douche-factor? I’d like to think I’m beyond judging a book by it’s cover but there’s just no getting...

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20. 06. 2013

The Re-Visit: Robin Hood: Men in Tights

I’ve seen this film only once, way back in 1993 on it’s opening weekend. My anticipation level was high as I was a big fan of SPACEBALLS and all it’s giggle-inducing greatness. However,...

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