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15. 07. 2013

Binge Cast: Our Pacific Rim review!

[display_podcast] CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN NOW!  Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes! This could be the fightiest podcast Jim Law and I have ever recorded.  Is it a coincidence that it’s also the...

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12. 07. 2013

The Weekly Douche: Michael Cutler (Over the Top)

  Michael Cutler (Over the Top) Very few kids have left this kind of impact on me. Every annoying kid I have ever dealt in my life with has been compared to this...

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11. 07. 2013

Binge Music Cast #1

[display_podcast] CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN NOW!  Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes! FIDLAR You know what’s underrated?  Having the freedom to produce your own content and publish it whenever the hell you want. ...

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11. 07. 2013

Book Review: Stephen King’s Joyland

When I’m not watching movies (or binge watching TV), I enjoy reading a good book. Reading a good book, not listening to a good book like my compadres in crime Law and Moreno,...

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10. 07. 2013

Review: A Field In England

Reviewed by Darren Goodfellow It’s almost impossible to review ‘A Field In England’ as it is utterly unlike any film I have seen to date. Dense to the point of impenetrability, uneven in...

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08. 07. 2013

Binge Cast: Trance & Cottage Country Reviewed. A whole lotta Google Voice!

[display_podcast] CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN NOW!  Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes! We asked for more voicemail – you delivered. This is honestly becoming my favorite part of the show at this point....

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05. 07. 2013

The Weekly Douche: Harry Ellis (Die Hard)

Harry Ellis (Die Hard) In a decade that defined the cinematic douchebag, none were more absolute than Harry (Hart Bochner). I’ve had STDs that are less irritating than this bearded asshole. Who uses...

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04. 07. 2013

BingeCast: The Independence Day Commentary

“ERMAHGERD” – Some dumb, asshole alien The biggest thing people forget about Independence Day is that the whole alien invasion could’ve been thwarted had President Whitmore, aka Bill Pullman, aka Eric Walkuski, sucked...

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02. 07. 2013

Why The F*ck Haven’t You Seen … GINGER SNAPS?!

Let me be perfectly honest right from the start.  I fucking hate TWILIGHT.  Now that’s not exactly an opinion that is going to risk my standing amongst my peers, but it’s important to...

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