10. 12. 2017

BingeCast: The Disaster Artist, Three Billboards, Detroit

PeteMC is given the reigns of the BingeCast this week as he brings in Valley and Supka, the latter of which calls in live from his annual Christmas Party.  After Supka leaves, Ammon...

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08. 12. 2017

BingeViews: The Disaster Artist!

This week’s BingeViews is a special, one film edition for The Disaster Artist.  Fresh off a screening, Chad C joins me to discuss his thoughts on The Room, The Disaster Artist biography by...

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04. 12. 2017

BingeCast: Coco, Wonder, Atomic Blonde, Quote Whores

This week’s BingeCast is full of new soundaaasss, new reviews, and a new edition of the Keanu/Not Keanu game. We did a separate Google Voice show because there were so many, so make...

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19. 11. 2017

BingeCast: Justice League, Punisher, Jim and Andy, Game Show Edition

In what might be the longest show we’ve ever recorded, Pete MC, TM, Ammon, and Law play three separate game shows (Keanu or Not Keanu, Quote Whores, and The Moreno Game), answer all...

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17. 11. 2017

Binge Movie Aftertaste – Child’s Play Retrospective w/ Matthew Goudreau: Cult of Chucky (2017)

Five weeks and four podcasts. That’s as long as it took for Matthew Goudreau and I to get through the entire Child’s Play series, which ends right here with a review of the...

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16. 11. 2017

BingeViews: Justice League, Wonder

Chad C gets all super hero-y again for JUSTICE LEAGUE and considers crying by himself in a theater for WONDER. Which is better? What should you see? How many nude scenes in each?...

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15. 11. 2017

Binge GameCast: Assassin’s Creed Origins, Call of Duty WW2, Shadow of War

IT’S THE BIIIINGE GAMECAAAAST. Talk of Assassin’s Creed Origins, how Jim Law might be the worst gamer we’ve ever come across and the Xbox One X.  Download now. CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN NOW!...

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12. 11. 2017

BingeCast: Mayhem, Smilf, Big Mouth, Ghosted, GC Game, and more

0:00:00-Live-ish Timestamp! 0:02:31-Law and Moreno and Timestamp Guy! Who is timestamp guy? Spoiler: It’s Logan. Did Logan almost die getting to recording? How’s he handling Small Screen Heroes? Vurp. Billy Good Times: What...

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09. 11. 2017

BingeViews: Murder On the Orient Express, Daddy’s Home 2

Law grills Chad C about who killed who during MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS and how racist Mel Gibson comes off in DADDY’S HOME 2. Super racist, BTW. Spoiler alert. See it, stream...

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