20. 05. 2013

Binge Cast: Star Trek:Into Darkness and Aftershock Reviewed

CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN NOW After getting pumped for the film last week, Law and Moreno seem to be divided after viewing STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS. Law loves the ride, the ball-slapping action,...

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17. 05. 2013

Help Spread The BingeMedia Love

BingeMedia.Net is barely two weeks old and we couldn’t be happier with how well the site has been growing. With the addition of Matt & Bob, and the response from our loyal listeners,...

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15. 05. 2013

Binge Cast: Road House Commentary

CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN NOW!  Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes! “PAIN DON’T HURT” We promised you a commentary, and we’re giving you a commentary.  So stop yelling at us!  We’ve been waiting...

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14. 05. 2013

Binge Cast: TV Round-up – Game of Thrones Commentary

CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN NOW!  We’ve taken the TV Round-Up out of our regular show and given it it’s own spotlight. Even more, instead of just rambling about Game of Thrones for an...

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13. 05. 2013

Binge Cast #2

LISTEN TO THE SHOW OR DOWNLOAD ABOVE! Things are starting to shape up around BingeMedia.Net and Moreno and Law give you the no holds barred rundown of what to expect in the coming...

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05. 05. 2013

Binge Cast #1

Ladies and Gentleman, grab a six pack, a pair of headphones and sit down for the inaugural Binge Media Podcast, so cleverly titled, “Binge Cast“.   Seriously, we spent an hour and drank...

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