The BingeCast is Jim Law and Moreno talking movies, television, books, drinks, women, and anything else two drunk buddies bring up during a night of useless conversation. We have our regular Monday morning show, the TV Round-Up show where we discuss what television shows we’re watching and/or deliver commentaries for the latest episodes of our favorites, and the Movie Commentaries where we sit down with a few drinks and watch movies with you, old and new.

Here you can find links to everywhere our show is available. It is also available to stream in our Binge Cast articles on the site. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates to every one of our shows and articles. As always, thanks for listening!







2 Responses to “BingeCast”

  • chloe

    Hey guys, love the podcast. In response to your recent musings about potential guests to have on the show–I’d love to hear you guys team up with any of the /Filmcast people, or Movie BS with Bayer and Snider (they’re also really good friends who like to talk about movies and I think that would be a cool team-up)

  • Eric King

    This dud “Sampson” on sounds like an interesting guest to have on?

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