BingeCast: Braven, Winchester, The Jim Law Game, Movie Homework!

On February 4, 2018 by Moreno

Jim Law and Ammon take a much deserved weekend off so PeteMC and Moreno Alyx welcome Chad C to the big boy table that is the BingeCast! What’s it like to leave BingeViews behind?  Chad let’s us know by screaming at us all show like a drunk asshole.  We’re so proud.

Take it away Timestamp Kid!

0:00:00-It’s the Berrrrgggeecast.

0:01:57-Alyx, PeteMC, and Law? No. No Law. But Chad C is here! And he’s popping his Bingecast co-host cherry. What’s on this week’s show? Chad C sheds light on when crappy movies end and the big releases start as far as the cinematic calendar goes. Cloverfield trailer during the Super Bowl? Maybe? Maybe not. Go fuck your mother, buy a tire. Ed Mariachi’s Auto Parts. Huh? More Cloverfield talk and how Pete’s following the timeline of the property. Look at this guy. Movie theories. Pete has a new game.


0:45:10-TV ROUND UP. What shows should be included on the tv round up sounded now? Chad C. begins with The End of the Fucking World, Waco and Inkmaster. Pete is watching Catfish. Back to Chad with High Maintenance and Arrested Development. Return to Pete with Happy! and A.P. Bio. Small Always Sunny Talk. Alyx brings us up to speed on American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. How do you pick what to watch cause there is so much goddamn tv? Movie rental place stories. What is everyone sippin on? Super Bowl stuff. Check out my bowls. Basketball. #sport. The Social Network? Sure.

1:52:45-Chad C. releases the info that he has a sounder.


2:42:13-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Alyx grabs the mic and starts with The Avett Brothers documentary called May it Last, and A Futile and Stupid Gesture (which Pete also saw). Pete and Chad C. talk Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Pete also watched Keep Watching. When did Pete and Chad C. start listening to the Bingecast/old show?

3:06:14-MOVIE HOMEWORK(?!holyfuck): The Replacements

3:34:13-CHAD C’s SOUNDER. Then Chad C. reviews Winchester. He grills Pete on Horror movies. He’s drunk as all fuck. He also watched Braven.

I love the sport balls on him.

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