Binge Movie Aftertaste – Robocop Retrospective w/ Matthew Goudreau & Batch: Robocop (1987)

On February 2, 2018 by Garrett Collins

1987 was an interesting time to be an action/science fiction film fan. We were four years removed from the final installment of the Star Wars trilogy, and one year away from an action renaissance with Die Hard. Yet, Ah-nold and Sly Stallone were infecting our cineplexes with major action films at a rate of what seemed like one a week, and if your loud gun toting film did not star one of those two guys, it would disappear into obscurity forever. Remember Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins? Neither does anyone else.

But Orion Pictures was about to blow everyone away with a new kind of action film. With Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven at the helm, a new type of action hero was born. One with a name that almost no studio wanted to touch. Even Verhoeven said no to the project a number of times before his wife finally convinced him to take it.

I am of course talking about, Robocop. Join Matthew Goudreau, Batch, and I as we start our look at the original three film series, as well as 2014’s remake. Why aren’t we covering the Prime Directives series, you ask? Well, I explain it in the podcast. Though the always game Batch MIGHT take that bullet for us. Stay tuned.

Here we begin on the 1987 original film starring a very unaction-esque Peter Weller and the Brian DePalma-less Nancy Allen. Do all the hosts agree that this favorite from the 80s deserves its reputation? Listen below to find out. And keep coming back, as we discuss each movie individually, leading up to the 2014 remake.

Note: For some reason, we were on a little delay while recording this one. So if it seems like I am ignoring Batch at times, I’m really not. Okay, maybe I was.


Robocop (1987) (?/10, ?/10, ?/10)




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