BingeCast: Top 10 Films of 2017! Top 5 TV Shows of 2017! This is Us Recap!

On January 22, 2018 by Moreno

It’s the return of Jim Law, which means we ate a bunch of weed food, drank a bunch of alcohol and farted a lot in anticipation for his big return to the air.

Also this episode:  TV Round Up gives us a Survivor/Amazing Race update, a look at the Netflix original show The End of the Fucking World and a This is Us recap.

We also detail our favorite films of 2017, our favorite TV shows of 2017 and the worst films of 2017.

Strap in, let’s get fighty!

Welcome back Law!

You goddamn cocksucker.

0:00:00-It’s on, dawg!

0:02:06-Guess who’s back. Back again. Law is back. On the Binge. That’s right dawg, your favorite basketball playing Canadian hath returned, and Alyx is also here to welcome him with arms wide open, Creed style. Gross. Ammon’s late. Of course. Some tech diff happened but it’s all good now. Law goes over Alyx’s contributions to BingeViews. Best of the year show! New Law drop. Because why not? New Ammon drop as well. So close to doing a show with only drops. Lawlapalooza is the end of July, goddamnit! Are you coming? Ew. New site is on the way. You know this already. Other shows on the network.


0:51:43-Ammon is here. Good.

0:54:16-TV ROUND UP. Survivor stuff. 3 episode This Is Us update! Law has got Future Man, Hell’s Kitchen, The Challenge, and the Amazing Race. Moreno checked out The End of the Fucking World (I’m not titling it with asterisks, goddamnit).

1:34:05-(really quick) WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Moreno has a great story, Mark. He watched The Disaster Artist.

1:41:27-TOP 10 MOVIES AND TV. ALSO SOME BAD SHIT TOO. Ammon hints at the Quote Whores theme that will happen next week. Sounders. Sounders. Sounders. Vurp. Jack’s Playhouse.

Yo yo yo! OG3 out!

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