BingeCast: Killing of a Sacred Deer, Beyond Skyline, Once Upon a Time in Venice

On January 15, 2018 by Moreno

mother!Palooza continues on the BingeCast as Pete, Ammon and Moreno still try to work out Pete’s feelings on the film.  Do we need a goddamn commentary to put this to bed?

Google Voice 2018 has officially started and it starts strong.

Since he missed it last week, Ammon gives a brief review of Black Mirror, and the boys tell the TV Round Up segment to go fuck itself because there’s nothing on.

We play the Jack Valley game.  Can you guess the correct rating on all these “huge” movies?

This week we fight over Killing of a Sacred Deer, then make up while tearing the shit out of Once Upon a Time in Venice and Beyond Skyline.  Lady Bird, I, Tonya, American Made, Haunters: Art of the Scare, The Disaster Artist, Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri and The Lego Ninjago Movie.

Also, listen for Jim Law’s top films and TV of 2017.

0:00:00-Sweet new “you’re listening to…” introduction.

0:01:57-Ammon is here on time! Oh and Alyx and Pete are here too. What’s Ammon been up to, besides trying to get through last week’s 5.5 hour Bingecast? Binge site stuff. Better Call Binge stuff. Mother! again. What’s on the docket for the sho’? TheJohn/Jack Falvey/Johnny Cakes game will be played!

0:20:03-TV ROUND UP. PeteMC has Happy! Christmas stuff because why not, it was only last month. Great work with the Binge Secret Santa, Michelle! Thank you for everything. Ammon briefly goes over his Black Mirror thoughts and how he’s doing with This is Us. 🎶Wings (the show) Roundup 🎶


1:20:45-THE SMASH VALLEY GAME: MUSIC MOVIES (not musicals).

1:55:06–WHAT DID YOU WATCH THIS WEEK? Top 10s to come (ew) next week or so. Pete watched Too Funny to Fail and Haunters. Ammon’s got Lady Bird, The Lego Ninjango Movie, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, I, Tonya, American Made (spoilers if you don’t know the true story), The Disaster Artist, Killing of a Sacred Deer (which Alyx chimes in on. Also spoilers), and Happy Death Day. The trio both watched Once Upon a Time in Venice and Beyond Skyline.

3:32:54– Law’s Lists for 2017. Also JIM LAW NEWS.

There’s fucking listies.

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