BingeCast: The Shape of Water, I Tonya, Call Me By Your Name, The Ammon Game!

On January 8, 2018 by Moreno

Oh my fucking god, happy goddamn new year!  PeteMC, Jack Valley and Moreno get together to ring in the new year, talk shit about new TV and movies, and get blotto on booze.

It’s a five and a half hour BingeCast to kick off 2018 and we couldn’t be happier (or drunker).  We go through the remaining 2017 Google Voicemails (all 97 of them), which all will be considered for a Goovie award, and we find that Ed Mariachi’s Auto Parts Store is a thing.  TV has us discussing the 4th series of Black Mirror, we get a lot of things wrong but mostly right in that is lackluster to say the least.  However, a lukewarm Black Mirror series is better than most TV.

The Ammon Game comes down to a buzzer beater, and someone gets told to fuck themselves.

What Did You Watch has a bunch of bullshit we watched, so pay attention.

I’m out.

0:00:00-You know what time it is.
0:01:55-Moreno, PeteMC, and Jack. First show of the new year, everybody. Let’s start it off right. And drunk. Discussion of everyone’s New Year’s. #wherethefuckisammon? What’s on the show? Ammon Show, Google Voice (31st is the cutoff for the Gooveys…maybe?), Black Mirror Season 4 review, big What Did You Watch segment.

0:15:27-TV ROUND UP. Paul Haggis scandal discussion. PeteMC is still watching Happy, Halt and Catch Fire, gives his thoughts on Future Man, and The Challenge. Black Mirror Season Fo’ (Spoiler abound, cocksuckers). Moreno watched some Broadchurch. Jack recommends Philip K. Duhick’s Electric Dreams. Mayans spin-off show. Legion is coming back. Oh hell yeah.

1:19:37-GOOGLE VOICE. During this segment, Lawlapalooza 2018 dates are announced!


2:39:38-New site to be launched within the month. New store/new merch coming too! Dogs peeing and pooping in the cold ass snow/living room/on the back duheck. Jack’s cats. Golden Globes.

3:07:07-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Talking about movies and shit and how you dissect movies with others. Reminiscing about the old show, podcasts, and related shit. Moreno watched Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Actors that the boys can’t work with in films. Semi spoilers regarding scenes where Three Billboards made these bitches cry. Moreno gives Mrs. Moreno’s thoughts on Mother! and Pete follows up with his review. (3:45:20 for a glorious song sung by Pete). Jack discusses The Trip to Spain, Call Me By Your Name, Ingrid Goes West, Brigsby Bear, Too Funny to Fail, and Last Flag Flying. Pete fires through The Vault, Creep 2, Table 19, Lady Bird, and The New Chappelle specials. They all team up on I, Tonya and The Shape of Water (Spoilers for the latter). So echoey during this segment. Some Mother! Spoilers. The boys talk about shows/movies they wait for to watch with their ladies. Jerseypalooza (maybe) and Lawlapalooza.

Mother! fucker


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