BingeCast: Bright, I Love You Daddy, Happy!, The Ammon Game

On December 25, 2017 by Moreno

NateP and PeteMC help me ring in the biggest holiday of the year and then carry the show because I allegedly black out.  We do some Google Voice and get an update from Nate about the Gooveys.

TV Round Up has The Night Manager, The Toys That Made Us, Happy!, and Broadchurch.

What Did You Watch has us reviewing Bright, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Pottersville, I Love You, Daddy, Judd Apatow: The Return, Power Rangers, The Family I Had and more.

Happy goddamn Holidays and Merry Christmas ya babadiiicks!

0:00:00-It’s Bingemas, you cocksuckers!

0:01:45-Alyx, PeteMC, and Nate P are here to dick your halls. Huh? What are the boys doing on Christmas Day? The vurp is discussed, again. Show content. Brand new game! New soundaaaaas. What is everyone drinking? FRUK podcast talk because Nate had a goddamn beer! The peppermint Smirnoff bottle sounds fucking amazing.

0:25:30-GOOGLE VOICE with Goovey Update! New sounder drop. Favorite cookie roundup! Podcasts and shit.

1:05:22 Spontaneous Trailer roundup.

1:14:14-TV ROUND UP. More drink discussion. Cause that’s tv related, right? It’s not? Okay well go fuck yourself. Turkey at Christmas? That a thing among the boys? ANYWAY, tv. Alyx is going to start Broadchurch. Nate got through The Night Manager. He’s also watching You’re the Worst, Channel Zero, and Deadwood. Where’s Nate at with his British shows? Pete has The Challenge, Happy, and The Toys that Made Us.


2:20:19-Binge Media plug roundup

2:29:34-WHAT DID YOU WATCH (with new sounder)? Pete has Judd Apatow: The Return, Pottersville, I Love You Daddy, Power Rangers, and The Family I Had. Natey-Nate watched Free Fire, Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle, Dunkirk, War of the Planet of the Apes, Mother!, and The Room. Alyx is a goddamn mess. Pee break. Pete/Sass goes live on FB. New sounder? Um, no. They fumble their way into a review for Bright. Alyx has a Sci-Fi extravaganza. He watched The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi! Whaaaaaaat? Pete and Peterson grill him, interrogation style. Then Nate and MC dissect the movie a bit more. STOP TALKING ABOUT THE LAST JEDI ALREADY! Pete goes over some Nate Peterson drops that sadly didn’t make it to air on this show. More plugs. New commentary on the way? Wait and see, cocksuckers!

There’s a brand new beautiful Bingemas sounder to end the show. And that’s it, ya babadicks.

Merry Christmas!!!

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