Binge Survivor: FINALE!!!!

On December 22, 2017 by PJ

They should just name an Idol after Ben… as he keeps finding ways to scrounge up Hidden Immunity Idols.

After the last Tribal Council that saw Ashley go home, we find Ben searching for an Idol in the middle of the night while everyone else slept.  And what happened… Ben found a 3rd Idol in a row.  Not sure what the others were thinking leaving him alone…and they would pay.

At the Immunity/Reward, Chrissy once again found the winning ways in a puzzle challenge and won her 3rd Individual Immunity in a ROW.  It was also a reward, where Chrissy chose Mike and Devan to join her for a feast.  The three of them came up with some stupid plan to show Ben a fake immunity idol, which gave him no reason to “fake” search for the Idol that was in his pocket.

At Tribal, Devan got a bit scared and wrote down Mike’s name, while Ben used his Idol to save himself and wrote down Devan’s name.  We had a tie that ended with Mike going home.

4 remained going in to the final immunity challenge.  In what seemed to be Ben’s challenge the whole time, Chrissy ended up winning her 4th Immunity in a row and gained an advantage that allowed her to pick one person to go to the final 3, while the other two would have a fire building challenge to see who gets the final spot.  Wisely, Chrissy chose Ryan for the final 3 and let Ben and Devan dual it out.  Unfortunately, Devan was no match for Ben and lost easily.

Final tribal came and went pretty tamely, but it was clear that Ryan wasn’t going to win.  In the end, exactly what everyone expected, happened.  BEN WON!  Votes went Ben, Ryan, Chrissy, Chrissy, Ben, Ben, Ben

What does that mean for our pool!  Well, it means that Chrissy gained massive amounts of points with 2 Immunity Wins and A Second Place Finish. Ben found another idol, saved himself with it, and then won “the whole fucking thing”.  After all that…. our


On the heals of Chrissy, she eeked out a close game with many of the competitors!

Great season… Look for another Survivor Pool for Season 36 coming this spring!



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