Binge SportsCast: WHAT THE F*CK IS A CATCH! Maybe an Index Card will help…

On December 21, 2017 by PJ

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0:00:00 – What’s happening…

0:08:30 – BSV: Right off the hop! The guys check in on the BS Voicemail.  New callers, random topics and who the fuck is JV!

0:37:30 – AROUND THE LEAGUE: NOPE!  Fantasy Football is discussed….well, TM bitches about it.  Then we discuss this weeks Championship between Emo Kev & Chad C!

0:48:52 – AROUND THE LEAGUE – AGAIN: Does anyone know what a catch is anymore?  I would think almost everyone in the world thought Jesse James caught the ball… except the NFL.  What rules do we hate… what rules are stupid… and what rules can be determined by pieces of paper.

1:29:05 – THE PICKS:  TM extends his lead… PJ sucks and the guest try to hold their own.  We get another call in from our guest picker this week! 

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TM: 23-20-2
PJ: 20-25
GUESTS: 20-22-3

BS Voicmail #: 708-316-8822

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