Binge Survivor: Week 12

On December 15, 2017 by PJ

Well, once again, everyone not voting out Ben when they could continues to bite them in the ass…

The reward challenge saw tandems looking to spend a day/night in a luxury resort.  Chrissy/Devan managed to beat Ben/Ashley and Mike/Ryan.  After their win, they got to choose 1 additional player to join them, which ended up going to Ryan (Chrissy’s ally) and leaving Ashley (Devan’s supposed ally) having to go back to camp with Ben and Mike.  Ashley should have taken the hint at this point…more on that in a minute

Back at camp, Ben continued to look for an idol, while Dr. Mike straight up told Ben he was on the bottom.  Ashley had her chance to make some kind of deal with Ben to make a move, but chose to trust in her alliance with Devan.

At the immunity challenge, Chrissy ended up solving the gear puzzle first and winning her second individual immunity… leaving Ben scrambling to keep himself in the game.  Back at camp, everyone seemed content with voting out Ben or splitting votes, and didn’t bother to keep an eye on him looking for an idol.

At tribal council, Ben revealed that he did indeed find an idol, and rather playing the game of “will he or will he not” play the idol, he played the idol prior to the vote… leaving everyone scrambling (or so it seemed) to find someone to vote off.  In the end, everyone voted for Ashley (including Ben), so Ashley clearly was on the bottom.

We’re down to 5 and we’ll see how it all turns out in the finale Next week!

There are only a handful of people still alive to win the pool…take a look at the scorecard and find out!  Listen to the BingeCast after the finale to find out the WINNER next week!



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