Binge SportsCast: Eagles Take Hit, Jaguars Legit, and Tom Brady Shits!

On December 14, 2017 by PJ

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0:00:00 – What’s happening… snow, that’s what!

0:10:15 – BSV: Right off the hop! The guys check in on the BS Voicemail and they all incept eachother and NFL violence.  Well, we beat that topic into a pulp and hopefully won’t talk about it again…until next week!

0:34:45 – 60 SECONDS: What’s happening in the world of sports outside of the NFL… let TM break it down for you!

0:50:20 – AROUND THE LEAGUE: GOOD GAMES! GOOD GAMES! GOOD GAMES! FINS UP!!! Guess who got their asses handed to them by TM’s boys!  That, on top of the rest of the good games, we welcome a refreshing weekend of actual good football games.  Sure, they were still riddled with injury, fighting (Fuck the Seahawk Douches), and endless penalties, but we saw some good match-ups and some great finishes.  Where does everyone stand in the playoff hunt after week 13? Pittsburgh and Philadelphia clinch their divisions… but that #1 seed is still up for grabs.  Do the Packers have a shot with A-A-Ron coming back?  Where do the Eagles go from here?

1:27:50 – THE PICKS:  TM extends his lead over PJ and the guests.  Is there enough time for them to catch up in the final 3 weeks.  This week we get a special call in from our guest picker! 

1:41:10 – FANTASY: The first round of the playoffs is complete! Did we get an upset, or did it go as planned?  How do this weekends injuries affect the playoffs?  Apparently there are consolation games… and only Chad D. knew!

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