Binge Survivor: Week 11

On December 8, 2017 by PJ

Week 11 is the exact reason that you’ve got to take out the head of the snake before it comes back to bite you…

In what was the worst reward challenge of all time… we’ll call it Matching Rocks…. Chrissy matched a rock to win time with her loved one.  She chosse what seemed like everyone except Ben to enjoy her reward with her…and try to shift the game her way.  It didn’t work exactly like she had planned, but it did get everyone rethinking their alliance with Ben.  In the meantime, Lauren found half of an idol… Afterwards, we found Ben doing everything he could to completely blow up his game, revealing every secret to everyone.

In the immunity challenge, Devan gave up, giving Ashley another win in exchange for a message.  During the challenge, Lauren found the other half of her idol.

In the scramble before tribal, Lauren decided for some reason to give one half of her idol to Mike, as a sign of commitment to him… which is just dumb.

At tribal council, after Mike gave a big F U to Lauren by throwing the half of idol she gave him, into the fire… the real scrambling began.  It came down to Lauren or Ben… who was the biggest threat?!  It turned out to be Ben…

BUUUUUT… Ben had his idol, which he didn’t tell anyone about, and used it to save himself, sending Lauren home with his single vote.

More scrambling will ensue next week… but one of the final “powerhouses” is out of the game.

Nate hangs on to both of his Survivors… and after 2 short weeks, King watches his dreams get crushed losing both his Survivors in back to back weeks.  Lauren getting voted out gives him the lead for the time being… but it won’t last.  Chris remains in the drivers seat with Mike hanging around.  Check out the scores below… still a lot of points to be scored.

Keep an eye out here for updates throughout the remainder of the season.


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