Small Screen Heroes: Runaways, Punisher, DCTVU crossover, Crisis on Earth-X

On December 7, 2017 by Mike Batchelor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we all know what that means…  THE AVENGER INFINITY WAR trailer has dropped and we at Small Screen Heroes are losing our minds over it.

Logan reviews Justice league and Batch may not have seen JL yet, but he has seen the next best thing in the DC CW-verse:  crossover of Crisis on Earth-X 4 part event on Supergirl, Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.  It’s DC’s greatest heroes not in a Zack Snyder film with a limited cgi budget but it got the job done.  Marvel TV gets the rundown with the Punisher and Runaways picking up the slack where Iron Fist and Defenders dropped the ball.

And in comics, Batch talks about the first part of the 12 issue Watchmen sequel, The Doomsday Clock.  Watchmen is finally merging within the mainstream DC universe…what’s the worst that can happen?

Name em all…

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