Binge SportsCast: Is it the NFL or the UFC? College Football Playoffs Set, as well as the BFF Playoffs

On December 7, 2017 by PJ

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0:06:10 – BSV: Right off the hop! The guys check in on the BS Voicemail.  MLB Free Agents, Rugby concussions, and Binge Fantasy Football!

0:30:05 – 60 SECONDS: New Segment where we highlight as many topics in 60 sesconds and pick one to discuss. GO!

0:44:48 – COLLEGE ROUNDUP: The College Football Playoff is set.  The Championship games were a bit of a disappointment, but does it really matter?  Did the committee get it right? Ohio State fans are pissed, but should they be?

0:57:07 – AROUND THE LEAGUE: What’s happening with the NFL?  We’ve got guys taking cheap shots during plays and after the whistle.  Teams firing coaches and GMs who said they’d never fire anyone during the season.    All this… and it’s actually overshadowing what is looking to be a pretty fun playoff run! (In the NFC at least).

1:27:18 – THE PICKS:  TM and PJ had good weeks… 4 weeks to go. Can PJ catch TM? Chad D helps out with the guest picks 

1:36:50 – FANTASY: We have our playoff picture set!  TM was locked into first, but did he outscore Chad C enough to win that money?  Who’s in?  Who’s out? and Who’s in the Toilet… we’ll give you one guess!  Playoffs Start this week! Hold on to your butts!

Keep an eye out for the Binge Sportscast on a weekly basis through the NFL season!


TM: 20-18-1
PJ: 18-21
GUESTS: 18-18-3

BS Voicmail #: 708-316-8822

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