BingeCast: Coco, Wonder, Atomic Blonde, Quote Whores

On December 4, 2017 by Moreno

This week’s BingeCast is full of new soundaaasss, new reviews, and a new edition of the Keanu/Not Keanu game.

We did a separate Google Voice show because there were so many, so make sure to check that out.

New pee break sounder!

TV Round Up is stacked with fights over The Punisher, Pete checks out that Challenge show his cousin is on, Ammon and Moreno check out Netflix’s Godless and we get a massive update on This is Us.

What Did You Watch has us watching Coco, Wonder, the Jim & Andy doc, and Atomic Blonde.

Get it!

0:00:00- I love the Christmas bells on him.

0:02:41-Ammon is on time! PeteMc is also here as well. These three are ready to babadeck your halls. What? Who is behind that new drop in the opening sounder? Is it Ammon Collins? Or Garrett Gilbert? Whaaaaaaa? Better Call Binge update is now on the site. Live Blackout Drunk Moreno was a thing. And should be a future thing. Google voice is on another show this week because it’s too fucking long. New soundaaaaaas. BingeViews. Binge Aftertaste. Sportscast. A shiny new website will be coming. All in your mouth. Ew.

0:17:15-TV ROUND UP. Everyone talks The Punisher. Moreno has Godless. Ammon watched that shit too. Pete is still with Curb your Enthusiasm, Scientology, and The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars. THIS. IS. US. MASSIVE UPDATE.




1:47:27-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? The boys start off the segment talking about Baby’s Breath. Not even a movie. Ammon saw Atomic Blonde (so did Petey Pete), that Jim and Andy doc, and Wonder. What’s the deal with fucking Olaf’s Frozen Adventure? Pete has Borg McEnroe, War of the Planet of the Apes, and a Home Alone revisit (with an added bit). The three grown men band together to review Coco, a Disney/Pixar film. Spoilers for Coco(sucker). Alyx follows up with Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle (which Ammon also caught).

3:01:00-KEANU OR NOT KEANU: PART 2. The boys then discuss that mysterious “Santa jerking off” sounder before they give Movie Homework for next week.

And that’s all, cocksuckers.

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