Binge Survivor: Week 10 (Double Episode)

On December 1, 2017 by PJ

This past week, we got a double dose of Survivor with back to back episodes!

In the first episode, we saw Lauren win the reward challenge, making it 2 challenges in a row for her.  Afterwards sharing her reward with Ben, Ashley, and Devin… Ben came back and randomly found an Idol without even really looking.  The immunity challenge saw Ashley take the necklace.  Tribal council led to the biggest blindside of the season, when the 4 who went on reward decided to flip the game upside down and go against their alliance (with the help of Mike and Joe) and vote JP off and become Juror #3.

In a possible big move, the new alliance of 4 decided to have Ben vote with the old alliance and essentially play as a spy moving forward.  We’ll see if this actually works out…

Episode 2 saw a team reward challenge where Joe, Ben, Devin, and Ashley won reward!  Ben continued to play “spy”, which means he has no say in what his 4 person alliance does.  The immunity challenge saw Chrissy come back for the win!

Tribal council brought some uncertainty with whether or not the new alliance of 4 would continue, but in the end, Joe was “blindsided” by his alliance that had been strong for 2 days.  Ryan played his second idol for no reason, which means it will come back in to play now!

And with that, Nate P remains the only player with both of his Survivors remaining!  King has broken the 100 point threshold, but at the expense of his best player… Joe.

Keep an eye out here for updates throughout the remainder of the season.


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