Binge Survivor: Week 9

On November 24, 2017 by PJ

It’s been a couple weeks since we last updated…. but here’s the rundown since the merge!

Week 7, we saw the alliance of 7 start their train rolling through the Healers.  However, rather than going for the leaders of the Healers (Cole & Joe), they started cutting down the support system.  Jessica was blindsided and the first to be voted off post merge.

Week 8, we saw more of the same.  Because Cole won immunity and Lauren find a secret advantage to not use her vote, we saw a tie that ended up going against Desiree in the end.  The alliance of 7 continues to plow through the original Healers.

This past week’s show, Week 9, we saw a group of 5 (JP, Joe, Cole, Mike, and Chrissy) win the reward, while Lauren had a surprise win for immunity, beating out Cole.  At tribal, we got some news that Desiree was the first member of the jury, so you Desiree owners got a bit of a boost this week…. meanwhile, Mike tried to pull one over on the alliance of 7 and used his immunity idol on himself… which only negated 2 votes.  Cole was on the short end of the vote this week and will be the Juror #2.

Only 2 Healers left, so we’ll see how the alliance of 7 fairs over the next 2 weeks… I expect some scrambling.

Only 4 players have both their picks remaining (Emo Kev, King, PJ, and Nate), but everyone has a ways to go to catch leader Chris!  Keep an eye out here for updates throughout the remainder of the season.

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