BingeCast: Justice League, Punisher, Jim and Andy, Game Show Edition

On November 19, 2017 by Jim Law

In what might be the longest show we’ve ever recorded, Pete MC, TM, Ammon, and Law play three separate game shows (Keanu or Not Keanu, Quote Whores, and The Moreno Game), answer all the voicemail, review twenty hundred movies, and get into a sounder war every eight seconds.

0:00:00-Settle your butt down. It’s gonna be a long show.

0:01:59-Law sets the stage. Ammon’s late. PeteMC and TM are in the houssseeeeeee! -airhorn- Look at these rock stars, showing up. How’s the Sportscast doing? Blackmail. So racist. TM has a sounder ready but not really. Fucking fuck, guy. PeteMC has gifts. Of course he does. Gamecast is bullying Jim Law. So many games on the show tonight! Keanu or Not Keanu has returned! Quote Whores maybe? AND THE MORENO GAME?! Holy shitballs!!

0:16:14– GOOGLE VOICE. Ammon shows up near the end of the segment. Mini trailer round up. Justice League voting on FB group page. It’s over now. Ya fuck.


1:45:55-TV ROUND UP. TM starts off with SMILF, which Law is also watching. He’s also sticking with The Deuce. Scientology. Vice Principals is done? TM’s additionally checking out Big Mouth (Pete’s not. Leads to a Last Man on Earth convo), Curb your Enthusiasm, and Hell’s Kitchen. Pete talks The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars and how he has a cousin on the show. He also started The Punisher (same with Law). Law and Ammon discuss Mindhunter. Ammon wrapped up Stranger Things Season 2. THIS. IS. US. WALKING DEAD.


3:11:14-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Nick Cage round up with The Humanity Bureau. Ammon has Wind River, Thor: Ragnarok, The Babysitter, and Brawl in Cell Block 99. Pete’s got Murder on the Orient Express, Bedeviled, The Wall, Logan Lucky (which TM also saw), Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond With a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton (whole fucking title, for real. TM saw this as well). And then the big one-Justice League.

4:17:06-Pete sadly has to depart. The Moreno game continues on without him. Oh wait, Pete’s back? Cool! Back to the Moreno game.


Whoa. The show’s over.


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