BingeCast: The Keanu Game, Jungle, Dark Tower, and even more Thor Ragnarok

On November 5, 2017 by Jim Law

It’s always great writing these articles when you can’t remember a single thing that happened the night before. I have notes I wrote down that say things like “5th Sense” or “Strange” or “Not Keanu” and have no idea what I’m doing. Thank God TimeStamp guy sometimes gets his shit done before Tuesday.

0:00:00-What the fuck is happening right now? Obviously, it’s the Bingecast.

0:02:04-Moreno and a fuck ton of other peeps. That are only drops. PeteMc is here though, for real, and for sho. Pete bailed on Good Times Palooza. Such a cocksucker. What the fuck is Law up to right now? Thoughts on Pantry Ammon. Emo Kev has been working hard, looking for those drops. He’s also been looking for that duhick. What? Better Call Binge perks! Michelle and Pete are working their asses off to make a quality piece of entertainment for you folks. The boys talk about the shit on the show tonight.

0:14:00-GOOGLE VOICE. Law shows up during the proceedings. Ammon too. Goddamnit. (Also in regards to Eric B at 1:22:40 and his review of The Incredibles 💔💔💔💔).

1:58:01-TV ROUND UP -Law’s 🎶Tap Out round up.🎶 He’s dropping Vice Principals and The Deuce (ew). He’s still devoted to Rick and Morty, South Park, Episodes, Ultimate Fighter (what the fuck) and Survivor. Given up on Scientology. The show, not the religion. He’s up to date on Curb. Done with Ray Donovan. Stranger Things 2. Scientology. Pete’s done with Channel Zero. He talks Slasher. NO THIS IS US UPDATE?! Law has got a Walking Dead update though!

2:35:41-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Pete started Valerian, which leads into a new game called “Keanu or not Keanu?” since Dane DeHaan sounds a fuck ton like Keanu. Pete also watched Score: A Film Music Documentary. Law saw Thor: Ragnarok. Ammon rewatched Scream, The Sixth Sense, Creepshow, and checked out The Dark Tower, which Moreno and Pete also got to. Alyx and Pete both watched Jungle. Alyx talks about a game he thought up. And then they talk about new releases.

And then the show ends. And then you can go fuck yourself.


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