BingeCast: Thor: Ragnarok, Geostorm, 1922, Wheelman, Mindhunter, and more

On October 22, 2017 by Jim Law

Garrett Collins swings by real quick to discuss THOR: RAGNAROK, play the Jeff Goldblum edition of The GC Game, and face the aftermath of The Vurp head-on. And then he’s gone…. while Jack, Law, and Moreno try to pick up the pieces and mend their broken hearts. They do this by drinking heavily and reviewing 40 movies and/or television shows. Google Voice is in there too, and a review from Law’s kids for GEOSTORM. All-in-all, should be a pretty good start to your shitty week. Preeeetty, preetty good.


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0:00:00-Let’s get this party started, y’all!

0:02:00-Law, AlyxMoreno, Garrett, and Jack. Whooaaaaa! Brief video insight into GC’s living space before he shuts down the feed. What a cocktease. The vurp needs to be discussed since the man who delivered it is now present in the mix. Vurp remix played, followed by a new remix by the one and only PeteMC. New drop too! Thor: Ragnacock (what) review on the way!



1:17:26-WHAT DID YOU WATCH: GC’ S CORNER. The poonslayer starts off with the biggie in Thor: Ragnarok (he gives it a Thor on 10) and then shifts to Happy Death Day, The Cell, and a revisit of Wonder Woman. Bar shit. 4 on 10 bolts. More Vurp talk.

1:49:50– Law gives a rundown of his gaming life lately. He also gets recommendations hurled at him. That South Park game. Chipmunk vurp!!

2:01:09-WHAT DID YOU WATCH: CONTINUED. Alyx starts off with Brawl In Cell Block 99, which Jack also saw. Netflix’s 1922, which is yet another Stephen King adaptation. Alyx TRIED Geostorm. He recaps the disaster movie…disaster. Law’s kids saw that Geostorm movie too! They review that shit. Law Sr. rounds out the Geostorm reviews. Jack’s got Wheelman, an ILM doc, the Spielberg doc, Longshot, 24 x 36, Dangerous Days: The Making of Blade Runner, and Blade Runner 2049. That Jack Valley. What a docsucker.

2:58:07-TV ROUND UP. Law and Jack wrapped up Mr. Mercedes. Alyx talks Mindhunter, The Deuce, and Scientology. Jack finally watched Channel Zero. He also caught The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway and Curb your Enthusiasm.

And that about does it. Submit your fucking cocksucking costumes for the Binge contest!

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