BingeCast: The Void, Better Watch Out, Mr. Mercedes, Channel Zero, and more

On October 8, 2017 by Jim Law

The OG3 reunite after months of talking shit and get to work. There’s Quote Whores, Google Voice, a timely Lil’ Retro, the usual nonsense, and an old school sounder war to end all sounder wars.


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0:00:00-Shut up. Sit down. Or stand. Whatever. Anyway just listen.

0:01:57-Law and Moreno. The old school team starts us off. Moreno has used his September wisely to find new sounders. It’s hot in Canada. Balls hot. Ammon is slacking with making it to the show on time, per the usual. What does he do that makes him so late? Last week’s show is brought up for laughs. Movie homework? Somebody didn’t do it. Take a wild fucking guess who. Site shite. Law talks about what he’s going to do with his time off from making the fake duhicks. PeteMC has delivered a new remix for your earholes! Lot of related content to that sounder to follow up.

0:22:10-GOOGLE VOICE. Lots up new drops within. Ammon shows up during the proceedings.

0:54:33-QUOTE WHORES. Post game, the boys talk Aftertaste, BingeViews, Super NES, and more bullshit.

1:29:28-TV ROUND UP. Law watched Survivor. That’s. Fucking. It. The Survivor Pool is discussed. A Sounder is actually played to begin the segment. Bout fuckin time. Moreno finished the O.J. Show (fucking thirsty right now) and started Laci Peterson. Ammon has Mr. Mercedes, Rick and Morty, and Channel Zero. Ammon does not have the goods on This is Us. So fuck ‘im. Fall TV shit. What is Law doing with his month off if he is not fucking watching tv?

1:49:53-The boys select a sounder for BingeViews.

2:17:55-LIL RETROS: Friday the 13th Part III

2:42:14-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? AlyxMoreno watched Blade Runner (The Final Cut) for the first time! WHOAAAAAAA. Ammon got Movie Pass!! Moreno also saw Wind River. Ammon has revisits with Night of the Living Dead and The Haunting. He also checked out The Autopsy of Jane Doe, and The Void. He also devoted some time to Ernest with Ernest Goes to Camp and Ernest Goes to Jail. Netflix’s My Butt Went Psycho?! What the fuck? Ammon is playing around with showing his kids the old school Universal Monster Movies. Law skips ahead to Christmas with Better Watch Out.

You Better Watch Out

For that duhick.


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