BingeCast: Blade Runner 2049, Gerald’s Game, Wind River, Cult of Chucky, and more

On October 1, 2017 by Jim Law

It’s been a while since one of these shows just seems to get away from us and complete chaos ensues, but that’s exactly what happens when you get Law, Kupka, Garrett, and Ammon together with a live phone-in from Moreno, Chad C, and Matches. It’s utterly ridiculous.

Here’s some highlights…

  • Spur of the moment Garrett Collins game with Harrison Ford movies.
  • Garrett almost dies and Law pisses himself.
  • Kupka is the highest you’ll ever hear him about an hour in.
  • Chad C falls into a hole.
  • Ammon brings back the This Is Us reviews and it doesn’t disappoint.
  • Everybody gets hung up on at one point.
  • Law is “mean and an asshole”.
  • Kupka is so quiet everybody else thinks he’s left or sleeping. This happens 14 times.
  • Binge Party Line is born and now a thing.

It’s stupid. We also try to review a bunch of TV and movies such as The Good Doctor, Better Things, South Park, Rick and Morty, Channel Zero, Star Trek: Discovery, Survivor, The Deuce, Blade Runner 2049, Wind River, Long Shot, Gerald’s Game, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Cult of Chucky, and lots more.


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0:04:47-Law, Kupka, and Garrett are here, forming one of the most unique groups to ever host a Bingecast. Ammon is running behind, of course, but what the fuck else is new? Lawlapalooza Sounder discussion Lawlapalooza dates are still TBD. Mini gamecast.


1:03:38-TV ROUND UP. GC starts us off with The Good Doctor and 30 for 30: Tommy Morrison. Kupka has American Vandal, Ricky and Morty, Better Things, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Bong Appetite. Circle (jerk?) back to GC with Ken Burns: Vietnam War series. Ammon’s here! THIS. IS. US. Ammon’s got Rick and Morty, South Park, and Mr. Mercedes. There’s a brief discussion about the Scientology show and then back to Ammon with The Deuce. Law brings up Channel Zero, Star Trek: Discovery, and Survivor.


2:40:13: WHAT DID YOU WATCH? GC farts right out of the gate with Blade Runner: 2049. Law makes our ears bleed with internet sound effects as he tries to bring on Chad C. Back to GC with Gerald’s Game, which Law and Ammon weigh in on as well. They are interrupted by a bunch of fucking cocksuckers from some sort of music festival. Back to Gerald’s Game. GC revisited Interstellar, other Nolan movies, Matrix Revolutions, Big Hero 6, and some of The Stand. Ammon checked out Spider-Man: Homecoming, Cult of Chucky, and Ernest Scared Stupid. Law has Wind River, and Long Shot. Kupka wraps up the segment with Spider-Man: Homecoming, Blade Runner, Hitman’s Bodyguard, Chips, and Kingsman: Golden Circle.

That’s it, you cocksuckers!

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