Binge Survivor: Week 1

On September 29, 2017 by Jim Law

If you would have told me three weeks ago that I would writing up Survivor Pool updates on I would have slapped your balls off. It would be a completely ridiculous reaction and, no doubt, would be blamed on booze. Many booze. But here we are.

Moreno takes the early lead with an Idol find by Ryan and a couple good performances in the challenges from Desiree. Here’s the other things of note from the week….

  • Chrissy receives no Idol points because it was given to her by Ryan. She also left 6 points on the table by not using the Idol at Tribal.
  • Remember, as contestants are voted out, you only receive their placement points if you picked them as your winner. Batch and Ed get 1 point for Katrina being voted out first because she was their winner. However, Falvey does not because she is simply on his draft team.
  • In a weird turn of events, PJ – with the 8th pick in Pool B, somehow managed to draft the top two picks in Pool A, and is now in last place because of it.
  • I was shitting bricks during Tribal Council. If Chrissy would have used the Idol I would have lost Ashley. I haven’t been that into a week-one Tribal since……. ever.
  • Thanks to PJ for setting up the scoresheet and making this as easy as possible to keep track of.
  • Any questions or concerns you can simply contact Law on Facebook or email

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