BingeCast: Ghost Story, Leatherface, Killing Gunther, Channel Zero, mother!

On September 24, 2017 by Jim Law

Falvey, Law, and Ammon cover everything in this week’s show. From douchebag online movie journalists to what movies are good for a kindergarten screening. It’s weird, you’re weird, we got it.


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0:00:00-Let ‘er rip.

0:01:45-Law and Falvey are here to get things rollin. Ammon is bringing some Quote Whores with him later on. Not only are they audio quotes, but there’s also a new Sounder courtesy of TM. Irishmen hype. Alamo Drafthouse/ Devin Faraci/Harry Knowles/pieces of shit news. 

0:18:04-LITERARY LITERALLY. Law listened to two books in the Chaos Walking series, and The Disaster Artist, which he heavily details in connection to The Room. Jack brings up The Dark Tower

0:41:06-GOOGLE VOICE. Ammon shows up as the segment concludes. 

0:57:00-Law has some XBOX questions for Johnny Cupcakes. Mini GameCast. DJ GC. 

1:26:43-TV ROUND UP. Survivor Pool is a thing. Valley checked out American Vandal (Ammon did as well), Scientology, South Park, Rick and Morty, The Orville, Laci Peterson, Gone: Forgotten Women of Ohio, and Mr. Mercedes, which is discussed across the board. Ammon has Channel Zero: No-End House. Law discusses Vice Principals, The Sinner, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dream, and The Deuce. 

2:15:46-QUOTE WHORES with New Sounder! 

2:36:36-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Law starts us off with a brief The Room recap,  A Ghost Story (which Jack checked out as well), Leatherface, and Killing Gunther (which Ammon viewed). Ammon has a lil retro with ParaNorman. Ammon talks Halloween decorations. Then Jack talks Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The Big Sick, and Mother!

You’re a mother.

A motherfucker.


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