Binge SportsCast: TM’s Back! MLB talks, NFL Week 2 Roundup, and did we mention SOUNDERS!

On September 21, 2017 by PJ

Did you miss us?  It’s only been a week, but the Binge SportsCast is back with a brand new episode.  Where’s TM been and what kind of shenanigans has he been getting in to?

After some catching up, the boys jump right into it with a quick recap of the MLB over the last several weeks, ramping up for the playoffs.  Who’s in and who’s got some work to do.  Will the historic Cleveland Indians win streak be good for them in the long run and will Giancarlo Stanton get to 60 HRs?  College football is discussed by PJ, while TM justifies his disinterest via Sounder!  A quick recap of TM’s thoughts on the NFL season thus far, how he feels about his boy Jay Cutty, and which teams surprised him in that first week.

Around the League is a new segment with another new Sounder!  Week 2 of the NFL was a much better watch, yet there was still some brutal play by a handful of teams.  Are the Lions legit, or do the Giants just suck that much ass?  We give our predictions and picks for week 3 and maybe, just maybe, another sounder pops up.  Keep an eye out on twitter this weekend… TM and PJ will be sharing some Tailgate and Gametime tweets from our respective teams!

Keep an eye out for the Binge Sportscast on a weekly basis through the NFL season!

Check out our boy  Jay Cutler and his Hail Mary attempt… it’s glorious




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