Binge Movie Aftertaste – JJ Abrams, Frank Vincent, Darren Aronofsky & Mother Review

On September 19, 2017 by Garrett Collins

As you can see, this space is not taken up with the second part of our Matrix Retrospective. The reason for that is outlined in this podcast. But truth be told, we didn’t want to go another week without giving you guys something to listen to. So me, Alyx, and Episode IV decided to put a little something that we call a potpourri of topics, just like the old days of this show.

Lately, I have grown accustomed to producing a fully edited podcast that I like to make as professional as possible. But for this Aftertaste, I decided to keep it very, VERY raw. No editing of ‘uhs’ and ‘ums’. No long drawn out intros. No bloopers. Just us talking, analyzing, and yelling at each other, all things that listeners of the site are no doubt accustomed to.

We weren’t sure how the show was going to go, or if it would even be interesting. But I think we have a pretty decent discussion here. We begin the show by talking about the hiring of JJ Abrams in the fallout of finding a director for Episode IX. Note: This was recorded BEFORE the ridiculous petition was started by ‘fans’ to get him off the film. So, none of that is discussed here. But we all do share our views on what putting him in charge of concluding the new trilogy could mean for Star Wars as a whole.

We then talk about the life and career of the late Frank Vincent. An actor who had done plenty of film, tv, and even video game work all the way up until his death a couple weeks ago, Vincent certainly ran the gamut of a variety filled career, and we try our best to dissect said career in a span of ten or so minutes.

We then talk about the career of Darren Aronofsky, and I give my thoughts on one of the weirdest received films of our time, Mother. What did I think coming out of the film, and which side of the fence am I on? Also, do Episode IV and Alyx even care about what I have to say about the film?

All that and more in this forty plus minutes of discussion and drinking. Be sure to stay tuned to this space, because we will indeed be posting the second part of The Matrix Retrospective (and to those who forgot where we were at -cough, Alyx, cough cough- that’s The Animatrix) THIS Friday.

So listen to our thoughts on these pieces of news, and see you again on Friday!




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