BingeCast: American Vandal, South Park, The House, and Quote Whores

On September 17, 2017 by Jim Law

Again, there’s a little bit of an echo for a couple seconds at the beginning and after the pee break but otherwise things are pretty smooth this week. Not sure about next week because I’m planning on throwing my laptop into an active volcano at some point. I’ll watch it burn before editing for another 3 hours.

Ammon and PJ The Intern join Law as they frolic through some new television (South Park, American Vandal, Mr. Mercedes, American Horror Story, Ballers, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath) and a couple movies here and there (The House, Annabelle: Creation) all while answering soome Google Voice and playing a double header of BingeCast Quote Whores.


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0:00:00-It’s time to light it up.

0:02:06-Law, Ammon, and PJ. How did PJ get his intern name? Have Ammon and PJ conversed before? Nope. This is a cherry popping podcast! BingeSportscast stuff. Sport. What are all the cocksuckers drinkin’? C. Bum segment? Sure, why the fuck not. Ammon explains the Bingecast edition of Quote Whores.

0:18:40-GOOGLE VOICE. Law explains there’s some issues going into it.


0:54:20-TV ROUND UP. PJ begins with The Handmaid’s Tale, The Leftovers, South Park, and Ballers. The boys talk about shows that may have gone on too fucking long. PJ brings up Survivor, which Law fifes over. Ammon is gearing up for This is Us. Law discusses Mr. Mercedes, Scientology, Rick and Morty, Ray Donovan, and Laci Peterson. Ammon has Preacher and AHS: Cult.

1:45:15-Quick recap of technical difficulties.


2:15:26-PJ watched The Room (for the first time!) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Law viewed The House. Ammon talks MoviePass, then shifts to Annabelle: Creation (which he watched part of), Despicable Me 3, and a rewatch of The Lego Batman Movie. Law forgot to bring up American Vandal earlier so him and PJ dick-scuss it.

See what I did there?

Get the fuck out of here.

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  • justin

    Law, BINGECAST: THE GET DOWN, BLOOD FATHER, ID42, THE SHALLOWS, AND MORE, 8/26/16 @ 123.26 – 123.52. A lot of great reviews on this bingecast