Small Screen Heroes: Fall TV preview

On September 14, 2017 by Mike Batchelor

Batch is joined by Jim law and his brand new permanent co host (listen to find out who.. I’ll give you a hint, he really likes Spider-man) to talk about all 1 million comic book tv shows that are out this fall. Okay I’m exaggerating but still, we cover the good, the bad and the why is this on tv?

Comic legend Len Wein passed away and we break down some of his many accomplishments. The first few episodes of the new Spider-man cartoon is reviewed and opinions are mixed. In other Spidey talk, Marvel’s new Venomverse event is here and we try and explain why everyone has a Venom symbiote. Finally Batch reviews the loving tale of a serial killer and his sex doll in the Image mini series Plastic.

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